Asbestos air monitoring is required to be undertaken for removal of friable asbestos and is recommended for removal of non-friable asbestos

Air monitoring means airborne asbestos fibre sampling that assesses exposures and the effectiveness of control measures. Air monitoring includes exposure, control and clearance monitoring.

All air monitoring must be undertaken in accordance with Safe Work Australia's Guidance note on the membrane filter method for estimating airborne asbestos fibres.

An independent licensed asbestos assessor must carry out certain functions connected with Class A asbestos removal work. These are air monitoring, clearance inspections and issuing a clearance certificate.

EHO Consulting can provide experienced licensed asbestos assessors to conduct:

    • Asbestos Background, Control, Clearance Monitoring
    • Asbestos exposure monitoring
    • Smoke test for testing enclosure integrity
    • Clearance inspections for non-friable and friable asbestos