Environmental Noise


Vibration Monitoring

Environmental Noise Assessment

Environmental noise assessment can be provided for industrial and commercial properties to meet requirements under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act) under the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Environmental Site Services develops noise and vibration management plans for construction and demolition, transport, entertainment events, airports and heliports and mine sites

Environmental Noise monitoring

EHOC offers real-time, remote access noise monitoring to allow you to respond to excess noise in real time or changed to suit your project.

We can conduct:

    • Construction noise monitoring
    • Traffic Noise
    • Infrastructure Noise
    • Real time noise monitoring with alerts
    • Noise mapping
    • Verification of noise abatement effectiveness

Vibration Monitoring

EHOC provide consultancy on managing construction works to minimise noise and vibration with an emphasis on communication and cooperation with all involved in, or affected by, construction noise and vibration.

EHOC can assist with:

    • Designing a noise and vibration management plan
    • Monitoring noise and vibration
    • Community vibration monitoring