About Us

We have a team of experts in building safety management, occupational hygiene and environmental assessment.

Our core disciplines include:


  • Contaminated land assessment
  • Environmental noise and vibration assessment
  • Environmental dust monitoring and assessment


  • Asbestos surveys, registers, management plan and consultancy
  • Hazardous materials surveys, registers, management plan and consultancy
  • Asbestos testing services including
      • Airborne asbestos monitoring
      • Asbestos material testing
      • Asbestos in soil testing
      • NEPM Asbestos in soil gravimetric analysis
  • Asbestos removal


  • Health and safety risk assessments
  • Risk auditing and management system (WHS&E)
  • Mould and indoor air quality assessment
  • Occupational hygiene assessment and monitoring including:
      • Noise exposure assessment
      • Light survey
      • Airborne Containment Exposure Assessments (Dust, Gases, Vapours, Fumes)

Accredited testing available