To kick of the 2020 calendar year, the owner's corporation at this modern apartment complex undertook an LED lighting upgrade as a secure means to save money and reduce CO2 emissions. Red Carbon Projects upgraded over 265 old inefficient light fittings with efficient LED luminaires throughout common spaces within the complex.

Modern Lighting

Eve Apartments is a modern urban oasis with a multitude of lush internal green spaces, including a stunning rooftop garden. Despite the contemporary feel to the building, the fit-out through the basement, loading dock and fire stairs was one of old lighting technology using inefficient T8 tubes and induction lighting throughout these spaces.

Red Carbon Projects installed modern and efficient lighting alternatives which will provide the owners with a payback of less than a year and likely savings over five years above $80,000 on electricity costs alone.

Low Maintenance

Reduced maintenance of lighting provides additional savings above and beyond the savings on the electricity. The LED fittings come with a five-year warranty and have an expected lifetime of 60,000 hours per fitting meaning that light bulb changes are a thing of the past.

Cooler Lighting

LED lights use electricity to generate light, whereas old lighting technologies use power to generate heat which in turn gives off light. With less heat generated the spaces will remain cooler during operation.

Occupation Sensors

By only lighting a space when in use, the owners save even further. Each fitting has an integrated adjustable occupation sensor so that ambient lighting power usage can be as low as 10% of the power usage compared to when that space is in use. Usage specific lighting leads to a significant amount of savings, especially for areas of low usage such as the fire stairs.

Upgrade Summary

  • 125 x 17 W LED sensor battens from 125 single 36 W T8 florescent tubes
  • 74 x 34 W LED sensor battens from 74 twin 36 W T8 florescent tubes
  • 61 x 34 W LED sensor maintained emergency battens from 61 twin T8 maintained emergency florescent tubes
  • 6 x 250 W LED sensor low bay fittings from 6 x 250 W low bay induction fittings

Savings Summary

  • Electricity usage reduction of 195,000 kWh per annum
  • More than $13,000 per annum
  • Less than one year return on investment
  • 77 tonne of CO2 saved per annum
  • Equivalent of 32 cars off the road

Better Lighting

By upgrading to LED lighting, the owners have moved to a modern, efficient, low carbon lighting alternative that is in keeping with the contemporary look and feel of the residential complex. Let Red Carbon Projects tell you more about the benefits of LED lighting:

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