"we need to start to achieve negative emissions despite uncertainties, because they are trivial compared to a world in which the climate change game of musical chairs stops, and there’s no room for 6.5 billion people to sit down."

Richard Conniff, Scientific American, January 2019

LED Lighting Upgrades

Red Carbon Projects offers turnkey LED lighting upgrades that save money and energy. At the same time, an LED lighting upgrade will improve workspace lighting and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Benefits of LED Lighting


LED lights use less energy than traditional lights; you could save between 50 to 80% on your lighting energy usage.

Low upgrade cost

Due to the NSW Governments Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), upfront discounts mean that you can achieve significant reductions of 30% or more for your LED lighting upgrade.

Cooler lighting

Not only does LED lighting use less power than traditional light fittings, LED lights produce far less heat meaning workspaces remain cooler naturally. Therefore you can save on cooling costs as well.

Low maintenance

LED lights last between 10 to 50 times longer than traditional light fittings, they contain no mercury and result in drastically less waste due to the longer lamp lifetime.

Fast return on investment

Due to the above benefits, the return on investment can be up to as little as six months meaning that you are back in the black faster.

Better lighting

LED lights provide a brighter more productive workspace while saving you money. Get in contact now for your free assessment and proposal.

Eve Apartments High Res.pdf

See how much this apartment complex was able to save on their annual electricity bill as well as reduce their buildings carbon impact at the same time with an LED upgrade to the basement, loading dock and fire stairs throughout the complex

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation's 50 Best Practice Building Energy Initiatives report, written in partnership with Norman Disney & Young, lists LED lighting upgrades as 1 of 16 recommended low-cost options to improve energy efficiency in your building(s). https://www.cefc.com.au/media/290062/ndy_cefc_bestpracticeguide.pdf